We have a philosophical point of view that peer-to-peer feedback should not be anonymous. This is why Matter does not provide an anonymity feature when providing feedback.

The benefits of transparency

Continue the conversation

Receiving feedback with transparency provides you with the opportunity to continue the conversation with a peer, colleague, coworker, or as we call them in Matter: Advisors, people you trust and respect.

  • When receiving feedback, this enables you to follow-up with your Advisors to learn as much as possible and not risk making damaging assumptions. 

  • When providing feedback, this demonstrates you personally care about your Advisors by providing the opportunity to follow-up, learn more, and improve.

Constructive feedback

Anonymity can often backfire and lead to undesired consequences. This can result in creating a toxic company culture. When people know their feedback is attributed to them, it results in a higher level of thought, constructiveness, and care.

When anonymous feedback is appropriate

A employee giving their boss or the company's leaders feedback is called upward feedback or a "skip-level" feedback gathering process. In these scenarios, anonymous feedback may be appropriate to ensure employees provide honest feedback without fear of losing their job.

Matter is not designed for anonymous upward feedback. Matter is designed to make peer-to-peer feedback easier, more effective, and more pleasant.

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