When asking for skill-based feedback in Matter, you'll have two ways to gather it: Default or Personalized Feedback Request.

So, what's different?

The main difference between the two feedback requests:

  • Default request will gather feedback on all the skills you're currently working on (pros: fast, easy, and simple)

  • Personalized requests will let you select what skills you want feedback on and allow you to personalize your invitation note (pros: control and flexibility)

Default Feedback Requests

The default feedback request is still the simplest and most effective way to gather actionable feedback on all the skills you're working on. As you use it regularly, Matter will get better at understanding the skills you need to work on, thus helping you hone into your superpowers and blind spots.

Personalized Feedback Requests

Occasionally, you may want feedback on specific skills from different peers based on your working dynamic with them. In this case, personalized feedback requests will give you more control and flexibility to choose the specific skills you want feedback on. You can even personalize your invitation note!

At their core, both feedback requests will give you actionable feedback on skills you're interested in growing.

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