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Inviting/adding team members on Slack
Inviting/adding team members on Slack
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Teams that invite everyone have the highest recognition participation. Matter Admins have full control of which teammates become Matter members through their membership in the Matter-based Slack channel.

Once Matter has been added to a channel, you have three options to invite team members to your Matter-based Slack channel. And one self-serve option.

Note: When adding team members to the Matter-based Slack channel, it may take up to 24 hours for the new member to appear/sync in the web app.

Option 1: Add Members Directly to Matter Slack Channel

  1. Click the Add People icon (top right corner).

  2. Enter the name(s) or email(s).

  3. Click the Done button.

Option 2: Add Members from the Matter Home Tab

  1. Inside Slack, go to Apps > MatterBot

  2. In the Home tab, click the View Details button of the specific channel.

  3. Click the Add People to Channel button.

  4. Enter the name(s) and/or channel(s).

  5. Click the Add button.

Option 3: Send a team member a kudos (in a public channel) and they will be automatically added to the Matter-based Slack channel.

  1. Go to the Matter-based Slack channel.

  2. Click the Give Kudos button.

  3. Select a team member who is not in the channel.

  4. Fill out the kudos modal and hit the Send button.

  5. MatterBot will automatically add that team member to the channel.

Important Note: This method will only work for a public Slack channel. If a kudos is sent to a team member in a private Slack channel, who is not in the channel, they will receive the kudos message via MatterBot direct message, but won't be added to the channel.

Option 4 (Self-serve): Team Members Join Public Channel

If the Matter-based Slack channel is public, team members may join the channel at their own discretion. These users can be removed through Slack at the Admins discretion (Slack instructions).

For further management of your Matter channels and team members, we recommend after setup making your Matter-based Slack channel private.

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