Teams that invite everyone have the highest success in terms of team recognition and culture with Matter. However, Matter channel Admins have full control of what teammates become Matter members.

There are a few ways to invite team members to your Matter Slack channel:

  1. When you are setting Matter you will create your Matter Slack channel and be prompted to add team members to that channel.

  2. You can add team members to your Matter Slack channel, like any other Slack channel.

  3. Team members who give or receive kudos/feedback, who are not in the Matter Slack channel yet, will automatically be added to the channel.

  4. If the Matter Slack channel is public, team members may join the channel at their own discretion. These users can be removed through Slack at the Admins discretion.

    For further management of your Matter channels and members, we suggest making your Matter channel private after setup.

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