When creating a Matter Slack channel, Feedback Friday is automatically enabled to default settings (Weekly on Fridays).

The default timezone will be set to the local timezone of the person who created the Matter Slack channel.

Channel Owners and Admins can customize Feedback Friday settings. See details here.

If you are having issues with Feedback Friday, please try these troubleshooting steps below:

STEP 1: Check that Slack is connected to Matter

  • Click on the MatterBot App under the Apps list in your Slack workspace

  • When clicking the Home tab, you should see a list of channels Matter is connected to in your workspace. If Matter is not yet connected to any channels, this page will redirect you to the Messages tab to set up your Matter channel with MatterBot.

STEP 2: Check that Feedback Friday is enabled for your channel

  • Return to MatterBot App Home tab, and click the View Details button for your Matter channel.

  • Check the Feedback Friday section of this page for details on your Feedback Friday settings.

  • Admins are able to click the ⚙️ Configure button to change these settings or disable/enable Feedback Friday.

If you are still having issues, contact Matter support at [email protected]

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