Using Matter with multiple channels is a great way to organize your employee recognition and Feedback Fridays by department, timezone, or team!

When installing Matter to your Slack workspace, you'll be prompted to create the first Matter channel during onboarding. To create additional Matter channels, head to our Slack App Home and click 'View Channels', then 'Add New Channel'. Select a pre-existing Slack channel to connect Matter to, or create a new one and choose teammates to join. Keep in mind, that you are automatically a member of any channel you create.

Each Matter channel is treated as completely separate from other Matter channels in your workspace-- this means that each channel will have its own Kudos, Custom Kudos, and Feedback Friday Ritual. Members of your Slack workspace can be a part of as many public Matter channels as they'd like. To control membership to your workspace's Matter channels, we suggest making your Matter channels private.

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