How Matter coins work
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During each Feedback Friday ritual, team members have coins to give to other team members via kudos or feedback. If a team member does or doesn’t give away all their coins, it will always reset to the default coin allowance amount after the end of Feedback Friday. In other words, give them away or it resets.

Coins that team members giveaway are independent of the coins they receive. Coins received from kudos and feedback never reset/expire.

When team members have enough coins, they will be notified by Matter that they have enough coins to redeem for a reward.

Team members are able to see their coin balance either in the Slack Home tab / Teams Matter tab (Rewards) or inside the web app.

Important Note: Coins are not prepaid. They are free to give and receive. You will only be charged when a Workspace Owner/Admin approves a reward redemption request for gift cards or charitable donations.

Owners/Admins are able to disable rewards (instructions here).

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