You can add Matter coins when giving kudos or feedback to a teammate in Slack.

To add coins to a kudos, simply access the kudos module in Slack via app home, a Give Kudos button in your Matter channel, or Slack shortcut /kudos.
You'll see a section to enter the number of coins you'd like to add to the kudos.
If you give one kudos to multiple people, the coin amount entered will be multiplied by the number of people receiving the kudos. For example, if you send kudos with 3 coins to 3 recipients, 9 coins would be deducted from your balance.

You can also add coins to quick note feedback, which can be accessed via app home or Slack shortcut /givefeedback. In this module, you'll see the same field to add coins for the recipient.

Lastly, please note that if you add more coins to a kudos or feedback than you have available in your balance, the action will not complete.

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