Adding Matter to another team on Microsoft Teams
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With Matter's multi-channel feature, Teams organizations can have Matter in one channel on multiple teams. Common use cases for this feature include teams that are separated by time zone or job functions (e.g., #matter-engineer, #matter-design).

Each Matter-based Teams channel will have its own workspace settings. In other words, its own Feedback Fridays, custom kudos, rewards, etc.

How to Add Matter to a New Team

  1. Inside the Teams app, go to Apps.

  2. Type Matter in the search bar.

  3. Select the Matter app.

  4. Select Add to a team and select the desired team and channel.

  5. Complete the rest of the setup process (i.e., install Matter tab, etc.).

  6. Once added successfully, Matter will send a welcome kudos in the channel.

Note: Each channel is billed as a separate account. If team members are in multiple Matter-based Teams channels, they will be counted separately for each channel.

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