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Installation Support Guide for Microsoft Teams
Installation Support Guide for Microsoft Teams

Running into issues installing Matter in Teams? This guide is for you &/or your IT Admin. Read on for a list of common issues and solutions.

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Here is a list of common issues and solutions to get Matter installed in Teams.

Teams app store visibility:

If you are unable to find Matter in the App Store within Teams this is because your company has apps blocked by default. Your IT Admin has to manually approve apps for them to be visible and ready for installation. We recommend you contact your IT Admin and request approval for Matter to be allowed in Teams.

Admins can manage apps in the Teams Admin Center > Team Apps > Manage Apps: direct link


After your IT Administrator makes a configuration change, it can take anywhere from 4 to 48 hours before the update is propagated across the Microsoft Teams platform. Unfortunately, you’ll want to wait that long before trying again.

Pending requests stuck in the requested state:

If you requested approval to install Matter, and later your IT Admin approved Matter for your entire organization, it’s possible that your request is still pending. Your IT Admin needs to either approve or delete your request to allow the user to install Matter.

Admins can manage pending requests in the Teams Admin Center > Team Apps > Manage Apps: direct link

Azure active directory (AAD) setting preventing owners from granting consent:

There is a setting in the AAD portal that allows team owners to grant consent. This is part of the app install process for Matter. This needs to be enabled which is the default setting. To learn more about this setting control, navigate to this link.

Admins can manage this setting in the Azure Admin Dashboard. Select Azure Active Directory > Enterprise apps > Consent and permissions > User consent settings. direct link

Still unable to install Matter in Microsoft Teams?

If all else fails, we are here to help. Email the Matter team at hello [at] and we'll work to respond within 24 hours.

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